Fight SAT with statistical weapons

Sei Masuoka

March 13, 2008

Have you wavered on those two answers on a multiple choice test? I certainly have, and its not a fun experience. I keep on thinking about that one question, and I can not concentrate on the other question. So, I have decided to research some methods for guessing on five-choice multiple choice questions. I looked at some multiple choice questions from the SAT practice books, and used them as a sample for data to find some pattern in the answers.

I first looked for any pattern within the sample data I took. Then, I created a couple of method of guessing, which were supported by the data I took, to be better than a completely random guessing. Then I tested the method out on actual SAT tests taken from the book, “10 Real SATs.”

To find out more, check out my poster for MTS.

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