Holiday Season's Greetings 2007/2008 from the Masuokas

Holiday Season's Greetings Card for 2007/2008  

This is our Holiday Season's Greeting Card for 2007/2008 from Second Life (SL). We bought a small land in Second Life and had a little holiday party. The card uses a snapshot from the party. If you have your Second Life, please visit us here (or through a more direct link). Please visit us in First Life (FL) if you are in the Washington, DC area.

In First Life
Each member's recent first life
In Second Life


I traveled a lot during the year, 2007. I might have been away on my trip more than I am in the office. Now I am worried about radiation during air travels.

Ryusuke SL
Takako FL


Last summer in Japan was really hot. I was lucky enough to experience it during my visit to Japan.

Takako SL
Sei FL


My cross country team cut my hair really short before I went to the State meet. Now it's been two months and it still hasn't grown back yet ...

Sei SL


I played baritone saxophone in both Jazz band and Advanced band at my middle school.


... and Holiday Season's Greetings from the past years.