Holiday Season's Greetings 2010/2011
from the Masuokas

This is our Holiday Season's Greeting Video for 2010/2011. (Please play it full screen and 720p HD for the highest quality. Also MPEG (39.1 MB) and QuickTime (83.8 MB) versions. The greeting card is at the end of this page. )

The last year, 2010, was a year of big change for us. We finally moved from the east coast to the west coast (Photos in the above card are from our trans-continental drive, except the first one from Sei's graudation). Takako got a smart phone and plans to master it this year. Sei has graduated from high school and started his college life at Caltech. So continues to run at his new high school.


... and Holiday Season's Greetings from this and the past years.

Greeting Card 2011